Piano Concerto no.2, op.18 in C minor

Sergey Rachmaninoff

Played track by track on keyboard by the Japanese pianist Katsuhiro Oguri. Extensively reprogrammed for GigaStudio from original Roland module settings.

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Orchestral lyricism

Lyric pieces of Scandinavian composers.

Classical vocals

The famous aria from Puccini’s opera Tosca and Scubert’s Ave Maria sung by Bulgarian vocalist Emilian Stankov.

Classical ABC

From Addinsell to Zimmerman – selected tracks of more or less famous classics arranged for solo piano.

Piano Concerto in E minor – Vocalise Edition

Markus Forslund

Neo-romantic piano concerto in four movements. Special edition with vocal parts.

Piano Concerto in C major

Two movements from the second piano concerto by Markus Forslund.

Markus Forslund

Four idylls

Markus Forslund

Orchestral suite in four movements.


Markus Forslund

An elegie for chamber orchestra.

Complete symphonies

Jonathan Östlund

Excerpts from the symphonies of Swedish composer Jonathan Östlund.

More music by Jonathan Östlund